Tools & Tool Enhancements

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Here are tools that I use a lot or that I have enhanced in some way.

Double Scalpel

I make a lot of charms. You could use this for rings and more. I saw once an Xacto Knife that had a double blade. I searched and search but could not find to purchase. So, I bought two small ones and taped them together.

Remember to “cut” with the edge opposite to the blade so you don’t mar or cut the surface under your clay.


Tissue Blades

Tissue blades kinda freak me out. There is not much indication which side is the sharp one and which side is the blunt one. So I bought a report cover, the kind that has a plastic binder that slips over a folded cover.  I cut it the length of my tissue blade.  It gives me assurance I’m holding the blunt side and is a better handle to grip. If the report cover isn’t as snug as you would like, place some masking tape on the tissue blade first. 

I could use the rest of the report-cover binder on the sharp edge when I need to take my tissue blade with me in my tool pouch.

Report Cover for  Tissue Blade

Report Cover on Tissue Blades

New blade and old blade. 

Sanding with SuperNails

A couple o’ tools I use more than anything are some my mother gave me. Little did she know that i would never use these to manicure my fingernails; rather, I’d be sanding dried clay.

I always like to put a nice beveled edge on every edge and hole in any piece I make, including the inside hole on charms. I use these for doing this.


Snake Roller Enhancement

I took a piece of glass to make my snake roller. I think they sell plexi-glass ones now. Regardless, I superglued on a “Tube Strap Tension Clip,” a “Pipe Clamp,” or thing-a-ma-gig.

I can roll this way or turn 90 degrees for a wider snake. I’ve found if I place one edge on the glass on which I’m rolling, my snake is nice and even.


Tiny Tools for Embellishments

I can’t tell you how many paintbrushes I have purchased, brushes for watercolorists. And they are expensive. Then I discovered these. They are tiny, decent brushes. I use them on wet clay, hand painting patina, applying ProtectaClear in specific areas, and more.

eBoot 100 Pack Disposable Eyeliner Brush Applicator

And, I discovered these for wet clay work. GoWorth 200Pcs/Set Disposable Lip Brushes

GoWorth 200Pcs/Set Disposable Lip Brushes

Do you have any tools you invented? Or any favorites? Let us know!

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