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Embossed paper feature photo

Embossed Papers

Embossed and Textured Papers

Embossed and debossed describes the raised or recessed relief images and designs in paper and other materials. An embossed pattern is raised against the background, while a debossed pattern is sunken into the surface and usually protrudes on the reverse side. As far as I can tell, textured and embossed are the same when referring to paper, at least for our purposes here.

Embossed and textured paper is simply paper whose surface is not smooth. Below are ways to obtain embossed and textured papers that you may use to texture your metal clay creations.

You can create and make your own textured paper. Do a Google search for how to make textured paper. On my first search I discovered an entire page of YouTube videos on the subject. You can either choose water resistant paper or treat your paper with a sealant so that you can roll clay on it.

Not all embossed or textured paper can be used with metal clay. Sometimes, you can use a paper only a few times. First, the paper needs to be water resistant or water proof. If it is not, you will need to make it so with a sealant. 

If you do an online search for embossed or textured paper, you will find an amazing number of sites and sellers from which you can purchase paper. Before you purchase a sheet though, look for samples. Paper Mojo and Amazon (Textured and Embossed) are the best two sites I have found to obtain samples of embossed and textured papers. The samples, usually purchasable individually for a few bucks, are just the right size for most metal clay needs. Forget not to check out textured wall paper samples, too. Some paper product sites will custom cut paper sizes for you. Of course, keep your eyes out for papers when you are in craft stores, garage sales, and wherever you go.

Embossed Paper Sample

Here is a sample of buying a paper sample.

The photos below are some paper samples that I’ve had for years. Read the caption beneath the photo for my narrative.

Embossed paper

Paper Mojo samples usually come in packages of one texture in numerous colors.

Embossed paper-2

I used this textured paper to texture the inside of the box below.

Embossed Paper Example

The texture on the inside of this box was made using the above paper sample. This is the dry clay stage.

The diagram below shows how I rolled the clay, sandwiched between two surfaces—one being textured paper.

Textured Paper Graphic jpg

The finished box

Embossed paper-5

If your paper is water resistant you can apply an anti-stick, such as Cool Tools’ CoolSlip or . . .

Embossed paper-6

. . . olive or another oil. Of course the olive oil will remain on the paper, while the CoolSlip will eventually evaporate off.

The rest of the photos below are simply photos of some samples.

Embossed paper-7
Embossed paper-8
Embossed paper-10
Embossed paper-11
Embossed paper-12
Embossed paper-13

I forgot where I got these samples. They might be wallpaper yet are quite thick.

Embossed paper-14
Embossed paper-15

Have fun with your embossed or textured papers.

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