Textures Mitigated and Shadows

Textures Mitigated

Mitigate means to make less severe, serious, or painful. I’m not talking pain here. I am talking about making a deep texture less deep or severe.

This works best with deep textures and less consistently with shallow or fine line textures. You can flatten a texture a lot or a little, depending on the thickness of your second roll.

I started with this texture, Body Wave. I like the texture but didn’t want a deep background for a pendant I had in mind.

Texture Body Wave

I rolled this texture five cards thick. This is what the clay looked like.

I then rolled the textured piece four cards thick, flat. I try to roll only once, as opposed to back and forth. More than one roll will cause texture shadows or ghosting.

Be sure to check your mitigated texture for these texture shadows or ghosting. That’s where the lines in the texture show up with shadows (two or more) by rolling more than once.

In the second and third photos in this bunch, there are no shadows. The texture is a result of flattening the original deep texture.

I cut out a square that was to become the back of this pendant. I build the rest of the pendant, fired, finished. 

This is the result of the Body Wave texture mitigated. 

Here are two more. This one is more subtle.

This one is more pronouced and shows texture shadows in the bottom ‘waves', which resulted from rolling the more than once.

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