Storing Clay Long Term


How do you store your clay?
Everyone has their own method. If you don’t, here’s a start. Then refine this process until you find the one that works best for you!

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I Love Silver Storing Clay Long and Short Term

Read the captions under each photo.

Clay Storage Container 1

There are many clay-storage containers on the market. This one is nice looking, easy to use, but not so air-tight.

Clay Storage Container 2

Here’s a homemade container using a plastic, air-tight, food container and a moistened sponge. Good one!

Clay Storage Container 3

Here’s a little one for storing a small amount of clay.

Here is what I like to use — a plastic container with snap-shut lid. I find these in various sizes at crafts and art-supply stores.

As usual, I gather the tools for the task.
Storing-clay tools include a mister, bits of paper towel, a square of plastic food wrap, and your container of choice.
The mister contains water with some white vinegar in it to prevent mold and bacteria from growing.

SC Containers

I try to fit the size of my container with the size of clay I have, thereby minimizing the amount of air surrounding the clay.

SC Container adding PT

I put a small bit of paper towel at the bottom of the container. I’m going to moisten it with water.

SC Containers 4

The water has a little white vinegar in it to prevent bacteria and mold from growing in the moist environment.

SC Plastic Wrap 1

I mist the piece of plastic food wrap with the same water. 
I could also use water with a few drops of an essential oil in it. This oil conditions the clay.
I like Lavendar and the flower essence is up to you.

SC Prep Clay 2

To prepare the clay I roll it between my palms, pressing as hard as I can to get rid of any cracks on the surface of the clay.

SC Prep Clay 1

Here is a crack. You could store your clay like this
but in order to maintain the freshest clay with the most active binder, you want no, zip, zero, nada cracks.

Here’s a nice round ball of clay with no cracks.

SC Prep Clay 3

Wrap this clay in your moistened plastic wrap, capturing as little air as possible.
It’s as if you are wrapping up an expensive cut of meat for a year-long storage in the freezer.

SC Prep Clay 5

Here is my wrapped clay. I am selecting the appropriate sized container.

SC Prep Clay 6

In it goes and snap goes the lid.

How long is this package of clay good?

Clay Storage Time

To keep it fresh without freezing, take it out of the storage container and repeat this process every one to two months.

Thumbnail Storing Clay jpg

You can watch a video with the same information and a little more at

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