Organization in the Studio


Organization. Not necessarily clean. I vacuumed my studio this week. Amazing what one finds when one cleans. Regardless, . . .

One of the things I LOVE about working with PMC is the studio tools and supplies are inexpensive. Oil olive, drinking straws, knitting needles, transparencies, paintbrushes, playing cards, plastic food wrap, scalpels, coffee mug warmer, crème brûlée torch, etc.

Here are inexpensive ways to organize your tools and supplies, captured in photos.


A bunch of Greek olive jars taped together with masking tape. One jar holds my rubber fingers, one my paintbrushes, one my thickness slats, and one for most-used cutting and carving tools.


Gotta get a label maker. Then, label away.


These containers are cheap at your local Ben Franklin. Do you have one?


Then, when I have some favorites, I cut the SKU or item number off their package and put them in with the findings.


i found these lovely fabric, collapsible containers for a dollar each at my local grocery store. 
Keep your eyes peeled for stuff like this.


Trimming shrubs or bushes? Slice a few of these and drill.

Organization Wire

Wire in a file cabinet


Hardware store or Walmart containers

More plastic organizers


Builders’ supply or hardware store


Packaged-food trays with Vellux beading mat cut and glued on bottom for holding projects

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© Kris A Kramer 2018