Opening a New PMC Package

Opening a New Package

So, you finally bought some PMC3 or other metal clay and the day has arrived to open the package.  

Here are some suggestions.

1.  Have plastic food wrap and a water spray bottle or mister available.

2.  Find a small air-tight container in which to store the clay. Medicine containers or vials work well.
     You can re-use the ziplock package the clay comes in, but don't count on it being air tight. 

3.  Okay, open the package. You'll see the clay is wrapped in clear plastic.

4.  Take out the clay and try to get as much clay as you can off the clear plastic.
     Place the clear plastic in a place where it can dry (see photo of my scraps jar and below).

5.  Depending on how much clay you have, you can store that amount or divide it into smaller aliquots. 
     Do the following for each piece.

6.  Take the mister and mist a square piece (6” X 6” or thereabouts) of plastic food wrap.
     Roll the clay between your oiled palms, pressing as hard as possible, making sure there are no cracks.  

7.  Wrap the clay up in the plastic wrap with as little air as possible. Place this ball inside the airtight container.
     In this container I like to place a small piece of paper towel that I've moistioned with water. 

     You could place the wrapped clay ball in the original PMC3 ziplock package, being certain to mist the inside
     first. After you've placed the wrapped clay in the ziplock press all the air out of it, press it closed, fold the flap
     over and clamp.

8.  When the clear plastic that held the new clay is dry, wipe the clay off into your filings/scraps container.

9. Save your scraps! See Scraps and Filings into Clay.

For online courses in metal clay, go to I Love Silver, where you learn how to design and create your own silver creations.

PMC Filings

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