Keeping Tidbits of Clay Wet

Keeping Tidbits Wet

You're working with clay, making a piece and do not want to take the time to open your clay to add one little, leftover tidbit that you aren't going to use right away.

If you've taken a class from me, you know that while I'm working on wet clay, I fold any extra clay quickly in plastic wrap and tuck it under one cheek.  Yup, I sit on it. For sure all the air is compressed out of the plastic wrap, and the clay is readily available for the next time I need it. After I’m finished working on a piece, I put the clay away for more long-term storage. See Storing Clay Long Term.

But if you have a little tidbit, here's a faster way to maintain it while you work away.

  1. Place it on a nonabsorbent surface such as glass or plastic.
  2. Saturate your paintbrush with water and put a good-sized dollop of water on the clay.
Clay 1a

  1. Finish working on your piece, checking the saturated tidbit from time to time to make it stays saturated.
  2. When you are finished with your critical work and ready to take care of your extra clay, take out what I call your motherload of clay.  Take a small amount of new clay and press it flat with your fingers. 
  3. Place it next to the saturated clay.
z Clay 1b

  1. Roll the wet clay onto the pressed clay.
Clay 1c

  1. Roll the pressed clay around the wet clay.  Knead a little, then add it back to your motherload of clay.
  2. For ideas on storing your clay, see Opening a New Packet of PMC.
Clay 1d

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