Hanging Asymmetric Pieces

Hanging Asymm

Do you make asymmetrical pieces? How do you determine where to put the bail or the hole for the jump ring?

For pieces that are uniform in dimension or weight, you can measure and mark the center. But for pieces that are anything but uniform in dimension or that are heavier in certain areas and/or on different sides, I use a device that works with gravity. I will call it the "wire gravity device.” That’s highly technical, right?

First, I take some thick wire (about 10 gauge, copper or other metal except aluminum) and make a shape like this. I might even hammer the twisted part flat.

Wire hanger 1

The red lines are 1 inch apart.

Then, I create a soft landing, like a free hand or some other material, under this device to cushion the piece in case I drop it.

Then I softly pinch the piece with the device where I think the bail or jump ring will be positioned, careful to not have an impact on my piece. I hold this just over a cushioned area, not far from the surface. 

I move the wire gravity device around until the pendant hangs how I want it to, like in this drawing. I mark it with my eye, then the front and maybe the back with a pencil, then test my mark(s) by hanging it again.

Wire hanger 2

Here is the real thing. I didn’t have a finished dry-clay piece, so I took photos with a rock. See also Joining Fired Pieces of PMC3 for another real example.

If you are hanging pieces that are reproductions of living creatures, such as an animal, always place the wire gravity device so that the front end of the animal hangs a slightly higher than the hind end. This way if you are a little off, the piece is a lot more palatable visually going uphill than downhill. (Downhill looks like an oops.) Here is a piece posted with permission from and created by Teresa Hosseinzadeh (critterbling on Etsy) that is a good illustration of this.

Asymmetrial pice

*  *  *

Here is something else you could do with this wire gravity device. You could slip on a bead that has a sweet 3-D design on it. Then you could roll this on clay for a texture.

Wire hanger 3

For online courses in metal clay, go to I Love Silver, where you learn how to design and create your own silver creations.

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