Flex Clay Bezels

Flex 1

PMC Flex was a new Mitsubishi product in 2014. PMC Flex can be purchased most anywhere you purchase PMC3 or other silver metal clays. It remains moist for a longer time in the wet clay phase, which is good for beginners and those who feel rushed due to air drying as they work. It is flexible when dry. The only drawback, if it is one at all, is it requires a longer phase or acceleration of drying.

I use coffee mug and casserole warmers and food dehydrators to dry my PMC at all times; therefore, I do not feel hindered by the extra drying time.

It might take a while to imagine what one can do with clay that can be shaped as dry clay. In my mind, it comes down to wet construction or dry construction. For me, there is nothing more you can do with Flex that you can’t do with traditional clay; however, you can achieve more in terms of design because Flex opens up new possibilities of construction. You can do things with dry construction that would be difficult if not impossible with wet construction.

One thing that works better for me is making bezels. I have used manufactured bezels in most my work. A new line has me putting bezels around very irregular stones. Below is a description of how I use PMC Flex to make bezels for these odd pebbles.

PMC Flex Bezels

PMC Flex

Tools and PMC Flex ready to roll

PMC Flex Rolled

A rolled section with sides squared up

PMC Flex measure

Scalpel nicks every 3 mm

PMC Flex cut

Cutting on the nicks with a tissue blade

PMC Flex strips

Wet PMC Flex strips

PMC Flex drying

PMC Flex strips on a casserold warmer under a piece of glass to keep them flat

See Quick-Drying Flat Pieces

PMC Flex dried

Peeling back transparency that strips were rolled on

PMC Flex strips

Breaking apart the strips

PMC Flex flexing

Dry PMC Flex strip flexing

PMC Flex bezel

Bending a PMC Flex strip around a dry circle of PMC3

building a PMC Flex bezel

Guiding the Flex bezel in place with blade (I usually use a rubber finger)

PMC Flex wet phase

Add lots of water

See Adhering PMC3 to PMC3

PMC Flex side

Another use for Flex strips is to adhere to a curved outline

PMC Flex curved sides

Flex strips are all slightly curved

PMC Flex bezel

Applying a PMC Flex bezel by adding water to both the surface and to the strip. I should have let the strip sit longer, as my first attempt broke at the 90 degree turn. I left a little extra length in bezel and kept it wet, thereby blending the corner later.

Bear Tracks Earrings

Similar finished earrings with the bezel around a jagged pebble.

Post Earrings Geometric

Finished earrings resultiing from the above Flex strips

For online courses in metal clay, go to I Love Silver, where you learn how to design and create your own silver creations.

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