Charm Holders

Charm Holder

I make a lot of charms. I love makiing charms! But in the building and more so in the finishing stage, I sometimes send them flying in my studio because they are small and hard to hold. I actually lost charms in my studio before I made these holders, which also save my fingertips.

You’ve already learned how I hold them to construct them in the post on Shaping Bails —Various Tools.

Here’s how I made charm holders to hold many charms at once to finish them. 

CharmHolder 3

I took polymer clay and rolled rods that were about 5 inches long and 1/4 inch in diameter. 

I baked according to the polymer clay manufacturer’s instructions.

CharmHolder 1

I then took my scalpel and whittled the ends, tapering them to almost a point. I whittled both ends. 

Leave a couple not-so-tapered so the charms don’t go all the way on.

CharmHolder 2

I jammed my fired charms on both ends to work on them. I brass brushed them with a 1 inch brass brush on my Flexible Shaft.

CharmHolder 3

I used the fitting polishing discs to finish them to the appearance I desire.

To get the ends or sides of the charms, I push the charm on a fatter holder, one that allows one end to be exposed, 

one at a time.

CharmHolder 4

My studio hasn’t eaten a charm since.

For online courses in metal clay, go to I Love Silver, where you learn how to design and create your own silver creations.

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