Sterling Silver Pendulum Necklace with Bisbee Area Turquoise 1086


A pendulum - necklace set means you can wear your pendulum as a necklace then remove just the pendulum part to use it. 

This Sterling Silver (96.0%) pendulum has Bisbee Area Turquoise at the top. The design is simply ornate -- is that an oxymoron? 

The pendulum part is 9 1/2 inch (239 mm or 23.9 cm) long. The pendulum piece hanging at the bottom is 1 1/4 inch (33 mm) tall and 13/16 inch (20 mm) round at the widest part, as viewed from the top. It has four segments, perhaps for the cardinal directions or for what you divine.

The Sterling Silver (92.5%) necklace is a patinaed, 3.2 mm flat drawn cable chain and 24 inches long. There is no clasp and it slips over your head.
O rings and smaller chains are Sterling Silver (92.5%). 

The pendulum attaches by slipping the largest O ring into a Sterling Silver (96.0%) S-shape hook.  
It stays by gravity and the size of the hook and opening. 

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$ 337.00

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