Sterling Silver Four Direction Pendulum Necklace with Amethyst 1083

A pendulum - necklace set means you can wear your pendulum as a necklace then remove just the pendulum part to use it. 

Amethyst is a clean and powerful stone for pendulums. Antique ivory white seed beads adorn the amethyst and keep it surrounded in white light. 

The Sterling Silver (96.0%) pendulum part is 8 5/8 inch (221 mm) long. The pendulum piece hanging at the bottom is 1 3/8 inch (37 mm) long and 3/4 inch (20 mm) square as viewed from the top. It has N, E, S, and W on it for the four directions. 

The necklace is a Sterling Silver (92.5%), 3.2 mm Flat Drawn Cable Chain and 26 inches long. There is no clasp and it slips over your head. 

A Sterling Silver (92.5%), swivel lobster clasp attaches the pendulum to the necklace at the middle O ring. O rings are also Sterling Silver (92.5%) The wire is Argentium Silver.

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$ 326.00

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