Sleeve Container-Pendant Necklace with Amethyst 1325

The story behind Sterling Silver (96.0%) this Comet Sleeve-Container Necklace is this: A comet is streaming down through a star-laden night, toward the mountain range.
The top part of the necklace slides up the chain to reveal a small container, just large enough to hold five tiny amethyst dice.
Whether an event or situation is determined astrologically or by chance of a roll of dice matters not.
Most individuals are going to do what they want regardless, because we cannot see beyond the world of our eyes, hears, and feelings.

The chain consists of Sterling Silver (92.5%) flat drawn cable links, O rings, lobster clasp and a handmade decorative (Sterling Silver 96.0%) decorative element. The necklace is adjustable from to 19 to 21 inches.

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$ 372.00

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