I recently learned how to use a Pendulum. For me pendulums were like muscle-testing — I could not do either. Under recent instruction and because there was not an option to say, “I can’t do this,” I continued asking the pendulum questions in disbelief. It took a while to figure out the pendulum’s answers. Weeks.

About this time, I learned that everyone can be “right" despite that all answers are different. As you may know, one of the initiations one goes through in life is the lesson of being “right” or the one with the more accurate or truthful understanding. I ask you: With as many perspectives as there are people in the world, how can anyone be right? Is being right more important than maintaining a relationship? The answer is no. 

As time went on, I quickly found a valid reason to not use my pendulum. I had an inner knowing arise almost before the question was fully stated. Congruent with this, my pendulum started being reliable. I had to ask the question, look away while I counted to five, then look at the answer.

My own pendulum is simple, but I began making pendulums that are not simple. What magical things they are! 'Guess I’m a believer. 

I put the pendulum on a long chain necklace so one can wear it as an adornment. When you want to use the pendulum part, you un-hook it from the chain.

Here are eight pendulums. The name and number of each is in the caption beneath each photo. All of these will be on display for the month of February 2016 at the 4 Ravens Gallery in Missoula, Montana.  If you are intested in obtaining one during that month, inquire at 4 Ravens at or 406-317-1543. 

After February 2016, contact me with questions or comments.

Sterling Silver Four Direction Pendulum Necklace with Amethyst 1083

Sterling Silver Pendulum Necklace Blue Crystal (Unknown Gemstone) in Lake 1085

Sterling Silver Pendulum Necklace with Bisbee Area Turquoise 1086

Sterling Silver Flame Pendulum Necklace with Green Forest Jasper and Star Sapphire 1087

Sterling Silver Peruvian Shaman Sacred Space Pendulum Necklace with Jade 1096

Sterling Silver Four Chambers of the Heart Pendulum Necklace with Amethyst 1097

Sterling Silver Triple Flame Pendulum Necklace with River Rock 1098

Sterling Silver Peruvian Shaman Spiral Pendulum Necklace with Black Onyx 1099

© Kris A Kramer 2016